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1254 SONY TC-D5 Pro II, an impressive machine
Hi there, I received yesterday a SONT TC-D5 Pro II. I have seen it in photos and read comments about its quality, similar to the D6C. I liked so much the design with the two VU meters, and it seemed to me that it belongs to an era when build quality was driven by other rules.

732 Oscilloscope 372 Radio Centrad, √ɬČts; Annecy
Oscilloscope 372 Radio Centrad, √ɬÉ√ā¬Čts; Annecy Pays: France Fabricant / Marque: Centrad, √Čts; Annecy Ann√©e: 1954 ?? Type: Appareils de mesure et de d√©pannage (Lab Equipment) Lampes / Tubes 6: 6AU6 6AU6 6AU6 6X4 6X4 DG7-6 Gammes d'ondes - sans Tension / type courant Alimentation Courant Alternatif (CA) / 110-220 Volt Haut-parleur - - No sound reproduction output. De Radiomuseum.org Model: Oscilloscope 372 Forme Mod√®le de table de forme quelconque, profil pas pr√©cis√©s. Remarques Appareil √† commandes simplifi√©es.

304 electro-music.com :: View topic - Yamaha CS30 full 24db modification?
I've found CS15 modification guide http://homepage.mac.com/synth_seal/html/ds_cs15mod.html Found some similarities with cs30 and did LFO mod. Still I'm curious how to make this full 24db mod in CS30? Anyone?

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